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Incorporated in 1947, we are a licensed bank authorised under the Banking Ordinance of Hong Kong. We provide banking and other related financial services to customers.


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29 April 2020

Notification of Fraudulent Website

Tai Yau Bank, Limited would like to alert all customers and the public that it has discovered a fraudulent website:


This website has no connection with Tai Yau Bank, Limited.

We have reported the matter to the relevant authorities including Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force.

If any customers are concerned that they may have disclosed their personal information, they should immediately contact us at Tel: 2522 9002.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Ms. YK Mok, (Manager) or Mrs. Mary Chow, (General Manager)

Tai Yau Bank, Limited

Tel: 2522 9002

Fax: 2522 3296

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